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6th-8th Grade

Our Educational Journey

We have two themes in our classroom: Learning is fun and NEVER give up.

We work hard and then we get to play hard. Excellence is required and students are encouraged to not get anything lower than a B in class (with grace for mistakes along the way). We do a combination of desk-work and project-based learning. Students are required to research, make posters, create books, write stories, do presentations, and create 3-D models from scratch on a variety of subjects. Learning how to solve their own problems, to think outside the box, and to always give their best effort are areas we emphasize in class.

My classroom is built around the multi-grade classroom model. In this environment, students have the opportunity to reach the next level of education. It allows students to set their own pace and advance their learning, if they so choose!

The heartbeat of my classroom is God and love. We start each day with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. We pray first; we read the bible together; we complete Bible activities and have very real conversations about how we can be people that God would be proud of. We pray through problems and we support each other.

My kiddos know that I love them. Truly and deeply. I love them so much and they know it. They feel secure and hopeful knowing that God loves them and their teacher loves them. They know without a doubt that I push them hard in school but I also love them hard. I'm very real, very honest, and I cherish these kiddos.

Teacher Bio - Leila Dali



My name is Leila Dali and I was sent to Simi Valley Adventist School by the leading of God's hand—I truly believe it!

I grew up in Cerritos, CA and went through the public school system throughout my elementary and high school education. Pacific Union College was my first experience with Adventist Education. Two years later, I transferred to La Sierra University where I earned my Bachelors of Arts in Religious Studies, Pre-Seminary. I continued my education at Fuller Theological Seminary to earn my Masters of Arts degree in Cross-Cultural Studies (formerly known as Missiology). I started working at my alma mater (La Sierra University) until I felt a strong pull to pursue elementary teaching again.

When I began to search for a job in elementary education, all the doors closed for me to stay in the Inland Empire. I really wanted to move away from the fast pace of Los Angeles and Inland Empire and be in a more tranquil environment. Then, God opened all the doors for me to move to Simi Valley, and so here I am!

I've been a natural teacher my whole life. I started in 1st grade when I became the classroom reading tutor. In 3rd grade, I used to line up my stuffed animals and teach them math. I tutored in high school. I was also hired as a tutor in college. I have always taught!

In my spare time my heart is at home when I'm at the beach. I love most things artistic (painting, interior decorating, makeup, hair cutting, clothes, crafts, etc.). I enjoy cooking, but I don't bake well because I'm bad at following directions. I don't always enjoy the act of exercise, but I choose to live a healthy and fit lifestyle so that I can prevent illness.

My motto in life is to always strive for the BEST that I can be. Once I've figured out how to be the next best level of me, I strive for the next one after that.

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