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Our Campus

About Our Facilities

Our campus, located in a residential area of the Simi Valley, is tucked back away from the road. The classrooms, gymnasium, auditorium, and front office are all housed in the same building, providing a safe, convenient space for students to interact with other children of all ages.

The kindergarten classroom is a model, 21st century classroom. With classroom adaptive furniture, eco-friendly windows, lights, and flooring, and state-of-the-art technology, this classroom is the great place for your child to jump-start their education.

If you would like a tour of our facilities, contact us to set up a personalized visit. We look forward to showing you around!

Our other classrooms at AESV Elementary operate under the multi-grade model, where students of two or three grade levels learn together in the same classroom. Research has shown that multi-grade classrooms have a positive impact on the attitudes of students and could enhance their academic achievements. To learn more about the benefits of a multi-grade classroom, please read this research compiled by Dr. Pamela Forbes.



AESV Elementary Campus

Our campus has a large outdoor space for the students to stretch their legs and play. One activity our students like to engage in is our outdoor garden, where they get the opportunity to plant seeds and take care of various plants throughout the school year. This is a great opportunity for students to learn the value of patience and hard work, while taking a front-row seat to observing God’s beautiful creations first-hand!

We are a small school with a big heart for God and a passion for education and learning. Parents often describe our school as a campus family. If you would like to learn more about our school or to see our facilities, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Enter through the main doors of our building, you will be greeted and checked in by our friendly receptionist.

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