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About Us

A Bit About AESV Elementary

Today, AESV Elementary is striving to become a model 21st  century school. What does that mean? We believe that the 21st century classroom considers the environment the child learns within. We have begun the process of reimagining our classrooms to empower students to work freely, collaboratively, and without restrictions. Flexibility in the classroom is key, as students need adaptable spaces to learn, create, design, build, and grow.

We are reimaging the rooms for 21st century education. Come by the office to see what exciting new plans we have.



At SVAS Elementary, we believe that parents should be involved in their child’s daily school life. Our dedicated staff wants to work with parents toward the common goal of their student’s success; together we are a team. Our 21st century school model embraces a collaborative philosophy of a parent and teacher partnership, one where we share the power and responsibility for each child’s educational development.

We know that your child’s teacher plays a crucial role in helping your child achieve success both inside and outside the classroom. Because of this important responsibility, we only hire staff from the top tier of candidates. Each member of our team strives to remain fresh and open to new ideas. AT AESV Elementary, we provide regular, open-ended, and current professional development opportunities to all our teachers throughout each academic year. We encourage our teachers to continue learning and growing throughout their career with us so they can consistently provide the highest quality of education to your child. We want our teachers, like students, to have an obligation to remain fresh and open to new ideas.

Furthermore, we are committed to creating an environment where each teacher feels they can not only be successful in the classroom and appreciated by parents and administration, but also a place where teachers can grow in their craft.

To truly become a model 21st century school, we believe it is important that we connect with both our local church and community. We desire to be an asset for both our church and community by giving back and getting involved.

And finally, at AESV Elementary we strive to be a Christ-center school. Simply put, everyone on our staff looks for opportunities daily to lift Jesus Christ up to every student, family member, and the person who walks onto our campus. By making our school a place where God is King ensures the stability of relationships between students, parents, teachers, Church members, and community.

Mission Statement

Adventist Education Simi Valley Elementary School operates to:

Enrich student's minds,
So they may serve their community,
And Worship the One Lord.

We are Educating Tomorrow’s Servant Leaders Today

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